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New guy... and I'm gonna need a lot of help!


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Just figured I'd introduce myself.
I've always had an interest in blacksmithing and last week I stumbled into a cast iron Champion forge with a hand crank blower locally. The price was good, the forge was there, and although I really shouldn't have spent the money I bought it. Now I'm hoping to buy the rest of the stuff I need and maybe be mangling some hot steel by the end of the summer.

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Hey Harold,
welcome to IFI. The first thing that you need to do to get better help is to put your location on your profile like I did. Sometimes there is someone just down the road that can help you out, and no sense telling you about an anvil that is across the country from you.

Start searching the forums, as a lot of your questions may have already been discussed. With over 14,000 members there have been a lot of newbies over the years.

Again, welcome aboard.

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Go on line and find your self a local blacksmiths group. I found one local to me this year and it has made the difference in the improvements on my skills and general info. Also read posts and ask questions here. This is a great group and the wealth of information is outstanding.

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