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I have a client who wants me to experiment in making him a set of butcher knives. I told him outright I did not have the experience to make knives like that, but he just told me to practice and he'd buy everything I made after I "figured it out." Well, he may or may not be true to his word, but it's a good excuse for me to practice tempering. :(

One of the knives he wants is a reproduction of a knife his grandad gave him many years ago. He's since lost the knife but he said it was called an "old timer." Is there a general or exact profile and shaping to an "old timer" knife? He also wants it with a deer antler handle!
YAY! :huh:

Thank you!

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I used to work in the plant next door to Schrade Cutlery when the plant in Ellenville NY was active."Old Timer" and "Uncle Henry" were lines of knives that Schrade put out that had many different models in them and different people from different areas favored one type or another depending on where they lived and what they did.I carried an Old Timer "Sharpfinger #152" fixed blade during the time I spent in the Texas oilfield.That and the Uncle Henry "Bearpaw" folder were favorites down there.
If you could get your friend to draw a rough sketch or surf the net looking at old pics with him then you`ll have a better chance of nailing things down for him.Schrade,Uncle Henry and Old Timer knives are collectible so there should not be a shortage of pics to choose from.
Many of the Old Timer knives I have owned and still own have handles that look like jigged bone with brass bolsters and other hardware.The Uncle Henrys usually had the antler or scrimshawed handles and things like nickel silver bolsters/hardware.

Hope this helps.

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