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I went out after supper to enjoy a little ME time at the anvil. As soon as the forge got going and I began forging, four of the neighbor's kids showed up in the backyard with my own. One of the young chaps about 9yrs. old asked, if he could make something. I told him that I would help him make a hook. Of course, then, everybody had to make a hook. My project never got done. But, the look on those four faces when they were done was, well.....priceless. They were very proud of their hooks, to say the least.

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I had a similar experience. My neighbor/brother's two came over, drwan by the sound of the anvil's ring, and asked me if I could make them a knife or arrow heads. I told both of them, I would only make them if my brother ok'd it first. I then said I could make them a hook or something a little safer, or better yet I could help them make it. My older nephew rolled his eyes and walked away(12) the younger of the two(9) jumped right in. we got started and he got called away not even a minute later. He asks me everytime he sees me when we can finish his hook. His hook was made from a 9 inch "nail like" spike. I just flattethe point hot cut a hole to hang it, and bend the nail head to form the hook. His hook got the tip flattened and then he had to leave. It's still stittin on my work bench waiting for him to finish it.

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