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tempering oven

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well i have been thinking about a more even way to temper blades so finally decided to make a tempering oven ..
i used a digital controler from ebay with a solid state relay grabbed a toaster oven from the goodwill and a way i went ! i made a box from some 16 ga sheet metal the box measures 4in sq and 4 ft long . lined it with ko wool put the heating elements end to end (actually they made a perfect 4 ft single element) hooked everything up and tested it out other than some calabrateing (it got too hot the test piece turned purple instead of straw) it worked great! it does take some knowledge of basic electronics to make this but its not rocket science .. suprised theyre arnt any on the knifemakers market... dont have any pictures as the first one went to a knife maker friend ...

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Next step would be to make a forced-convection oven out of it. Run a log shaft inside with a tiny propeller to move the air around and keep the temperature even through the whole thing. Planned circulation is important, not just random, you don't just want to blow everything down to one end with no way to come back. If you have a shelf, you can blow the air one way on top and have it return under the shelf. Makes for a very even temperature throughout.

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hadnt thought of a fan ... i figured with the element one long piece and being only about 3 in square after insulation theyre wouldnt be much temperature differential ... might revise depends on what it produces.. good idea grant!

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