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Coal Forge help

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I'd appreciate it if you, my very knowledgable friends, would look at the pictures I posted under the gallery,tools,coal forges. I have no experiance with coal (in fact I still need to buy some to try this forge out) and am looking for suggestions. I used what I had or was able to scrounge. (total cost stands at $3 for bolts and $3 for the blower)





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It looks like it will work great. The only thing I might consider is adding something to the bottom, such as fire bricks or wet clay, so that the bottom of the fire is closer to the air outlet. I've made numerous alterations to my homemade forge in hopes that it will be better, although that isn't always the case. Always remember that half the fun in designing is improving on it.

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are you using blacksmiths coal?
this is not regular coal. i cannot
remember what qualities it has, but
it is special for burning in a forge.
i buy mine in a 50# bag from a BAM
member, where it is stored.
good luck with your projects.
wright city, mo.

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It looks like you fire pit is around 3-4 inches deep. That is fine in and of itself but when you light your fire, mound the coal to 5-6 inches deep.

I use a side blast forge with charcoal (and it looks like your design would work well with charcoal) and have burned coal in it. I would not add to the floor unless the bottom proves too thin. Without someplace for the ash/clinker to go it will build up in the bottom. If the air source is closer to the bottom that equates to more fire tending.

It looks like your pipe might be running slightly up hill into the fire pit. You ideally want a slight down slope. That helps prevent any debris from falling/sliding into the pipe and reducing air flow.

Is there some way to controll air flow? You'll want to vary that depending on what you're doing.

That's all that comes to mind at the moment. Get some coal (bitumenous) or natural charcoal and fire it up.


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Thanks all for your input.
I need to glob onto some coal still (the Farrier supply 40 miles from the house looks to be the best source at $20 for 50#) to try it out.
I will be making a couple cahnges (i.e the angle of my air supply) but I don't think it needs too much.
The air supply is variable via the two speeds on the hair dryer. If I need more I'll add a way to block the supply pipe in increments.

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