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New fire screen

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Ok gents!
At the festival this past weekend I got an order (a deposit order....not an "I'll email you" one) for a custom fire screen based off the one I was displaying. The fire place is 44 inches wide and 36 inches tall. The screen will be 48 inches wide and at the middle peek, 40 inches tall!

Based off of this scale drawing what are your suggestions in these areas?

1: is there going to be too much blank space between the sides and the middle bar, to stretch the screen tight? Since I'm dealing with a larger screen, I'm going to order extra screen and nail it to a wooden frame first. However, with that much gap space, will the screen sag at all? Do I need more upright pieces or perhaps a piece in the middle running parrallel to the base to rivet the screen to? (the client prefers simple frame work and corner pieces as drawn....is that enough?)

2: Since the screen is larger and the client wants it to be free-standing and one piece, the steel size needs to be small to keep the weight down. I'm thinking 1"x1/8" flat bar for the visible framework, and "3/4x1/4" or 1"x1/8" for the backing. Is this stock too small?

Here is the scale drawing, shewing 1 inch flat bar for the sides!


Your thoughts?

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Seems like the middle curves should match the corner curves...but that is just my opinion.

You can always weld/rivet an extra rib or angle to beef up those long pieces and end up lighter overall. Basically use an unequal leg angle iron for the outer frame. The rib can be square or flat or angle stock, unless you have a means that can put a bend in 1/8 stock like that.

You can use a heavier screen so it is more self supporting. If the screen is tight in a rigid frame it will stay the way it is assembled... straight or crooked.

I had a commercial screen at another place that was close to a 24x24 field, and it stayed fine even after the cat knocked it down a few times. (The cat liked sleeping in the cold ashes...what a mess. He is a black cat so you couldn't always tell at first.)

Congrats on the custom order!


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