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Green River drill press


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I am trying to find information on a wall drill press I bought for $20 at a garage sale today. I haven't had much success looking it up on the internet. The only markings I have found on it are GREEN RIVER AA. As far as I can tell it is in good condition but needs some oiling. Thanks for any help.

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PICTURES! My GOSH man, what's wrong with you? You DO know we love pictures and asking for help IDing a tool without pics is more an invite to snide and demeaning comments than genuine help.B)


Oh okay, I see you're new to the forum so I'll cut you some slack. Well, lots of slack.

Welcome aboard Lon, glad to have ya! I was just kidding . . . except about the loving pics part of course. We'll be happy to help if we can and proud to make stuff up if we can't.;)

So, how about putting your general location in your header, that way if one of us old farts is in your area and wants a snack or needs a nap we won't have to rely on our memories of who's around. Of course the possibility there's another blacksmith or 20 near by who'd love to have you over doesn't have anything to do with it.:rolleyes:

Frosty the Lucky.

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Ive got a step vise made by Green River, (one with a foot pedal to close the jaws, and a die block on the back side with adjustable upsetting block below it) the casting says Green River No 3, and Wiley and Russel MFG greenfield Mass, Ive always figuered it to be a bolt makers vise, dont know much about the company beyond that but it gives you a few more relevant words to research with. Definitly be interested to learn more
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