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Power Hammer vs. Hard Drive

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I love it! Thanks for the video. We did something like that last year, I found a cell phone in the road. I tried in vain to find who owned it, so decided to end it's life in a way no one could misuse it's potential. Mcraigl was over with his son, I asked if he could make a classic 'step taper' with the phone on the flat dies of my 80# mechanical hammer. He was doing a great job, but about 10 hits into the project, the phone started to smoking, bad. About 5 seconds later, it plumb caught fire on itself. He dropped the phone to the floor and we evacuated and opened the big door to let the smoke escape. We decided to quarantine the shop until all traces of smoke had disappeared, 20 minutes or so. I guess it lends creedence to the old addage, 'It's all fun and games until a cell phone catches on fire under the old power hammer'.

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