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I Forge Iron

Another youngsters project

John B

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This young man was interested and originally took a taster day course, he liked it so much he wanted to take it further, so this weekend he came down for two days and had some one to one tuition.

I made a sample, and he followed it,

We had some problems as we made it up as we went on, and built on what he had learnt on the taster day. He did most of the work with just a little assistance on the shovel pan free forming due to the difficulty in him being able to hold and forge it as it was from 2mm thick plate.

The Dragon head hook was the cut off end of the firewelded hook off the demo log roller where I showed him how to fireweld it back onto itself, I then cut it off and used the shorter handle to demo the shovel fitting and rivetting exercise, I then just said how the firewelding bit is used as a basic skill in making animal or dragon heads and of course he then asked me to show him how, hence the 'Rustic' look made with just the basic tools we had out, I then showed him how to forge the ball end and punched recesses and holes and let him have it to take home.

We had difficulty with the brush as the only one available on the day was a small deck scrubbing brush with a plastic handle holder which we unscrewed and discarded, we then discussed the problems created and came up with the solution featured, incorporating the existing holes in the brush head. Worked out pretty well with what we had.

He is planning to come back and make a freestanding stand and a pair of tongs to also hang on it. He would have stopped on longer but I had other commitments the next day at the North Somerset Show.

Apologies for fuzzy pics, but thats better than no pics






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Excellent I doubt if I could do that good of a job, keep up the good work and keep sharing. Paul

Of course you could, look what you and your boy have already achieved, a great effort.

Its only a matter of taking your time, thinking through what you are going to need to do to achieve the end result you require, and then take your time and work it through, if you aren't happy with any part of it, ask yourself (Or your student) why, and then you will learn to improve it next time.

You will be surprised how much you learn and improve when you are trying to pass on your skills, especially if the student is leading the design, it does stretch your imagination and skill range when you try to get the required result.

It is easier if you have some guidance initially, but unfortunately that is not always available, hence the popularity of this site.
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Wow, great work! If only I was doing that at his age!! :) I guess I should be getting my stepson down to the workshop more often... and his sister... and my 4yr old daughter for that matter!!! Although, I'd never get any of my own work done!

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