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Clay Tire Hammer

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Can anyone forward me the specs on the major structural steel components listed in Clays plans ? I sent off for plans (2 weeks ago)and haven't received them yet but it looks like I have a promising lead on materials. I don't want to wait around and let them disappear. Specifically the base plate and the size and length of square tube required. I think I found a freebie 6 in. round.....yippee !
Thanks much in advance, KB

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The 6 in. round is free. The steel for the main frame and base isn't but might be obtained at a very attractive price and I would rather purchase the correct sizes than not. Specifically what do the plans call for regarding the base plate and the length and thickness for the 5 in. square main frame ? Still haven't received my plans yet and Clay is only one state away from me. What's up with that ?

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