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Another Grinder Stand

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Looks like a basic grinder stand alright. The only things I do differently is to make a little table for the grinder to sit on with a little rim around it. That way I can lay items, say drill bits, on it without worrying about them rolling off or going looking when I finish one and am ready to start on another.

The other thing I do differently is make a hanger for a quench can. Depending on the shape of the leg or legs, I place the water can either on the center post under the table or on the left leg so it's out of my way being right handed I'll do any out of position work on the right wheel.

A four legged stand like yours could use a shelf half way to the floor to store things and add stiffness the stand.

Frosty the Lucky.

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I like your improvements, I will most likely follow-up with them.


Why thanks LeeRoy but you might want to give em a try before saying they're actually "improvements." :unsure:

In truth, they're things I've gradually added over the years and decided to keep. Mostly as a result of being too lazy to look farther than necessary for something I know I'm going to need next. Also, I haven't build a grinder stand with a lower shelf however I know it could be darned handy because the shelf under my bench mounted grinder sure is. I keep extra wheels, the stone dresser and the necessary wrench and screw driver there.

I must say though it is gratifying when something I've adapted sounds like a good idea to others.

Frosty the Lucky.
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