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New Head Board


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Ok, forgive the bad pun! Now I need a headboard for my granddaughter, Veronica. Finding a "theme" for her sister Rose's headboard was a cakewalk (see PROJECTS: The ubiquitous rose). I'm thinking that, since Veronica, a.k.a. "Nicki" loves jewelry, I would do a "charm bracelet" headboard.

ANY IDEAS? If any of you have experience in forging hearts, half-moons, four-leaf-clovers, etc., please chime in.

BTW, how do I lay out a 5-point star?

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This is the headboard I made for my wife (I get to sleep in the same bed when I'm a good boy... :lol: ).

A 5-pointed star is 72 degrees apart on the points. Draw 5 lines to a common center in that pattern on your work table then complete the body of the star by drawing any profile that looks "right" for your application.


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When I think of a charm braclet The one I gave my wife It has charms that represent our travels and the start of each new season in the theatre. So it could be a item that growes through the years and represents maybe her heratage and special events in her future. Good way to give her a special present every year and add it with her. Like the idea.

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THANKS, ALL. Some great ideas there. DK and HW, thanks for the tips on stars. Phil, I sure appreciate the link to Brian's heart making. That is an excellent tutorial Brian. Francis, that's a great idea to let the bed grow with her. We travel a lot as a family and there will be ample opportunity for memorabilia each year.

Blacksmith's are just the BEST!

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