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Side blast forge from Diesel tank


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I have managed to get hold of an old farm Diesel tank that I plan to make into a hearth. It’s 4 foot square and is apart from some easily removable internal bracing, just a big steel box. The plan is to cut out the middle of three adjoining sides and have the top as the smoke hood and the bottom as the hearth with the remaining side to hold it all together. I also plan to fabricate a wet tuyere so it will be a traditional side blast style forge. Before I get all Medieval on it with an angle grinder, if anyone has any thoughts on a better more efficient way to cut it I’d rather know now before it’s too late. I could also do with some advice on how to make a simple wet tuyere and air flow regulator. Sizes and materials would help enormously, actual plans would be even better.

Thanks in advance

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Closed container, diesel fuel, and sparks add up to a potential BOOM.

I would hire someone to cut the tank according to your cut lines drawn on the tank. Go eat lunch and come back when they are finished. People do things all the time and nothing happens. That does not mean it can not happen, just that it did not happen that time. Play safe, so you are able to play.

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Hi again
Thanks brasilikilt I knew I’d seen something like that before,

Thanks for the safety tips chaps. The tank is an old one and hasn’t been used for years; however I’ve left it sitting in a field for a month with all the caps open, so it’s half full of rain now anyway. I’ll be cutting it with a grinder, but even so I’ll be taking great care.

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