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I Forge Iron

1st annual blacksmith on the blue ridge bike ride

Dillon Sculpture

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I was thinking with all the motorcycles enthusiast there maybe some interest in a ride?

Mid July on one of the most beautiful roads ever built, stopping at points of blacksmithing interest, shops, studios or historical sites.

I could possibly be a drop point for those of you that are not from the area and would like to ship your ride, Monster and YD I know you guys need some sun every couple of years.

Just have to come up with a t-shirt design?

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Definetly interested ....but not this year!

One of my dreams is to hire a hog (or ship mine) and drive across (or up down or round in a big loop) the US (other is a 5cwt Massey) but for now all my energys and moneys gotta go into getting a new workshop/shop/studio ... I just can't live in 20' x 20' no more.

I've regularly rode across Europe but am kinda looking for something new ... we don't have deserts over here, or alligators...and don't start me off on how cheap your petrol is compared to ours. Good thing about this forum is making contact with like minded individuals spead across the states. What more could I want if theres a blacksmith/bike focused event as well .... apart from an induction heater, bigger milling machine, friction screw press .......

Maybe next summer for me|?

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I`m thinkin`,I`m thinkin`.
You would have to hold this during the busy season wouldn`t ya?All those yachts comin` in and you want me to head south where it`s a blast furnace.
You should be coming up HERE that time of year!

What`s all this about shippin` bikes? There`s a reason they have both wheels and a motor you know.

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Its cool in the mountains at least from my perspective, not like i said "saddle up were riding to Coffeyvile" Kansas that is, yep I been there. I would like to take the Skyline north maybe hop on the 81 up to Rochester I know there is some serious iron hot spots not to miss up North. Anybody that doesn't ride that has a suggestion of a stop maybe even a place to throw a bag for the night, drink a beer or hit some iron please let me know. Hey ya know they have bike rentals if they cant do the milage Bob. Also I right off all my conference expenses not to mention ever museum I hit along the way, I thinking this is more of an educational trip for me, one perk for losing money while I'm gone.

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Well, I just got a bike last summer (and its a baby) but you can count me in for a half-a-week or so.
Depending on the route and how far it goes. I am in Douglasville. No reason to wait that long for a get together. I know there is a hammer-in south Georgia in April. Would be a good ride maybe. Maybe.

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