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Gary Eagle Workshop

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Spent Friday Saturday Sunday out at Darryl Nelsons school participating in a Gary Eagle workshop.... Had a blast as always ( I try and get to Darryl's at least a couple times a year) Sunday Darryl Dave and I threw a round of Tomahawks on Darryl's 18 station course... I got smoked... Darryl threw a 36 under par.. Dave I think was in the high 20's under.... I was 4 under par... I think I threw pretty good... But its kind of like a high school kid shooting a round of golf with a couple PGA pro's....

Had a lot of fun and as always learned a lot.. Some great smiths in the class... I pall'ed around with My buddys Dave Lisch and Bill Apple but also spent quite a bit of time with Renato Muskovic... Renato is a great smith, but he is so much more. He builds a line of sheet metal shaping equipment (Yoder style power hammers and Ecold style shrinkers as well as a very impressive 660lb anvil) The guy is just dripping with knowledge and willing to share... It was worth going to the class just to spend the few hours picking Renato's brain.

For info on Darryl's classes check the NWBA website

The Project


There is some major blacksmith ability represented in this photo.. Gary, Darryl and Renato..

Renato also makes anvils... the one in the foreground of this picture is one of his 660 pound beasts....

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I wish sure I could remember your name so I could properly say how much you sicken me! You live in Seattle so you're an hour or so from Darryls and can attend these things as convenience and scheduling allow. Does Darryl still live just easy of Olympia? I stopped in once a couple decades ago while on vacation, he was in the yellow pages. That's how I looked for smiths back then.

Looks like it was a max out brain feed with all the talent and projects going on. It's almost enough to make me want to live in or near Seattle . . . Almost.

Sometimes living isolated in Alaska sucks! Then again all I have to do is review the building codes and covenants here (none) and I feel MUCH better. B)

Frosty the Lucky.

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