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I Forge Iron


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I LIKE it, nice work. Especially well done doing what the customer wanted, there used to be a LOT of guys who had some kind of burr up their . . . Ahem, about "traditional" techniques, tools, products and such. Taking a can of (oh say) Krylon to a forged piece would get you a tongue lashing.

Happily etiquite on the net has gotten better and the ideas of what's right seem to be taking a profitable direction.

Sure it was a gift for the wife, Deb loves almost anything I make for her. Still you want them to like it for the right reason . . . The more the better. so, what do you do for someone who you're NOT married or directly related to? My best results have come from making what the customer wants as far as possible how s/he wants it done. Some folk want a heat patinaed iron finish but most seem to want it at least tastefully shiny and some want it to match the color of the "whatever." I make Some items from stainless like toasting forks, steak turners and such. Paint isn't appropriate and most folk don't seem to like rust in their grub or remember to wash and oil right after using such implements besides Stainless Steel is . . . OOOH SHINY! :rolleyes:

There's not a thing wrong with a nice coat of paint so long as the customer is okay with it. Heck, I'll get a piece plated if that's what's wanted, the price will so reflect. B)

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Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. Frosty your comments help me because I like the rustic look and my wife really likes the painted look on some of the things I have made her. When I use blended metal like steel and copper or brass she is ok with the steel look. You are right, it is better to do what the customer wants within reason. I'll try to post some of my other work soon.


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