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Flint strikers (inconsistent)

Wind Chapman

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I turned out a flint striker for some one today and it worked great! However after a few great spark showers, it stopped working about 50% of the time, even with new sharp flints. What's up?

Possibly inconsistent hardness or surface finish?
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ok ive been makeing strikers for over 25 years ... what steel are you useing? and what type of rock ?(picture would help) how are you hardening them? ive gone to a garage door spring steel for my simple strikers and harden in oil... i do not draw a temper . one of my tests is to drop them on concrete from chest height .. should ring with a "ping" if they go "clunk" then they have a crack and dont past .. also strike test .. only time ive had um not pass is when i accedently used mild steel (you could bend um AFTER hardening) . if you are useing a propane forge they can lose theyre hardness on the outer skin (maybee .020 thickness ) so with those you grind off the outer layer .. that might be what you need to do just grind it off a bit and try it again ... good luck!

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