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I spend February taking part in Thing-a-day.( http://jacmal.posterous.com/ )

The idea is to do something creative every day for the whole month. And since I'm trying to blacksmith, my things were mostly blacksmithing.

It was a very interesting exercise. The idea is not to finish or complete anything, but just to do something. Most of my things were the first time I even attempted something like it, so I'm really pleased with the result.

Since I stop working at five, and it is dark at seven, and my forge is outside, all the blacksmithing projects took less than two hours.

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jacques i really enjoyed looking through your list - very interesting seeing what you achieved - i like the idea of what youve done, and i think the things you made are great - nice one! :) a very creative month!

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Jacques, I like your projects. That's a good idea about trying to do something everyday. Looks like you finished something almost everyday and that's incredible. Some of my latest projects seem to take a couple weeks but I'd like to practice more by making some of the smaller things. Yesterday my goal was to make twenty leaf keyfobs and I ended up making a bowl with a candle holder frame. And then worked on a sculpture I'm almost finished with. No keyfobs! Maybe next time. Good job, keep showing pictures.


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