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I just mentioned this idea in a response to another thread, but i figured starting a thread of its own would be a good idea.

IFI has some incredible talent in its ranks, and one of my favorite things has been the video tutorials - I think the first one I saw was a leaf making tutorial (loved it). I think video tutorials are a fantastic teaching tool because you get the full visual experience (methods and colours, etc) that you just can't get from a book. So I thought I'd start a list of video tutorials I would like to see to help me learn the skills I want to master to further my craft. From the quality of videos produced by some of the members of IFI, this is the ideal place to start this discussion - hopefully some more teaching videos may come from it.
Heat treating blades and tools
Tempering a knife/tool edge
How and when to normalize
Welding (any/all torch techniques)
Making your own drifts and slitters

If you have topics you would like to see, add them to the list.


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nice thread sam! i agree i love video tutorials - i would watch almost any subject put up on here - they are all fascinating and useful. will try and be specific tho... ( i realise that there are vids already on some of these but i just mean more and different angles on the same theme :))

any power hammer techniques ie different leaves
different twists
welding tips
heat treating various tools
general tool making (anything!!)
hammer making
people talking us through a finished piece - issues that came up in the work, how bits were done , design etc
unusual tool explanations

almost anything actually...

i could offer a video of me holding a cup of tea and staring into space?.. :) or getting cross and talking to myself? or mucking up another forge weld? or an amusing one would be myself trying to get rid of "driftwood" characters in my workshop when im trying to work....

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The videos available from UMBA have much of the unformation you are looking for and they are CHEAP!!!! I think they are $5 ea. Each one is a couple of hours. The other thing is to go to events such as Quad state in Sept in Ohio (where you can pick up the UMBA dvds) If you left Hamilton after school on a Friday night you could be at the Troy fairgrounds by 10:00 pm

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I don't mean to divert traffic to youtube but there is a world of good (and bad) videos there. I learned most of what I know "procedurally" about metal spinning from there. I do like when new videos, specific to smithing are broadcast or mentioned here. Sometimes wading through the junk on youtube can be a pain.

Videos I'd like to see-
more on animal heads
the use of different dies in power hammers and the results achieved. (Sam's video picks on round dies are excellent)
Rebuilding the edges of an anvil- Prep and procedure. Even step by step photos would be great
Tenon joinery
proper methods for heat treating hammer heads and techniques used for specific steel types

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