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Hello Yall , from West Tenn.


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I will introduce my self, My name is Mark Seaton but ZIG has been my nickname all my life. I am a Union Boilermaker and have worked for TVA for the past 24 years. I served my apprenticeship long ago and I operate the boiler shop at work. I work on the same equipment that my Grandaddy worked on when the place was built in the late 40's.
Just to mention , within my family I have over 10 Blacksmiths going back to the late 1800's. My great Grandaddy was the resident Blacksmith in the area I live. I have many of his handmade tools . I had several great uncles that where Blacksmiths that moved in the 40's to other parts of the state. They in turn pasted the trade on to their son's.
I am in the process of re-creating my Grandaddy's old shop just like he had it in the early 1900's . Yet I will have electricity. I will post pictures when I am done.
I live in Eva, TN right on the Tenn River. I am a extremely dedicated waterfowler and fisherman. But I have always wanted to build a shop like this to pay homage to my ancestors. I was lucky enough to have my Grandaddy , who was a Blacksmith and Boilermaker too, serving both apprenticeships , show many of the old ways his father and uncles had shown him. He is gone now and I just want to get back to the basic's and hopefully teach my children something. Because I dont wish them to work in my profession. But hope to instill this art in them if only for the history of it.
I love this site and appreciate yall having me. Any Blacksmith's that live anywhere around , please holler at me . I would love to hopefully, come check your shop out and maybe get some ideas . But most of all I would like to hear of some deals on equipment. I am in need of somethings and would like to do this shop right.

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! I have a brother living in Halls, TN. He teaches welding and drafting at a high school in Dyresburg(sp). He, too, is trying to get his shop set up to do blacksimthing.
Great to hear you have saved your Grandfathers hand made tools! Post pictures of them when you can, also of your shop when complete. Again, welcome.

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