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tong-making dies


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A couple of months ago, I bought a Bradley Cushioned helve hammer at an auction. Included with the hammer were a few different dies. One pair is obviously for making tongs. The final tong form is apparent in the pictures, but I don't really understand the intermediate steps that I need to take to get to that point. Are there any tool and die guys out there that can help me figure out how to use them? Thanks!

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Probably the way these were used would be to preform a round our flat bar on the right hand side, then go to the left hand side to create the hinge. Moving from left to right the jaw would be sized. Depending on the starting stock used, the tong reigns could have been drawn out on the right had side where the dies make contact. I have some flat jaw tongs that look like they could have been made with dies like these. These would be particularly good for forging tong blanks that could later be worked into more complex jaw designs.

What size Bradley did these dies go in? I have a 300 lb machine with a few extra dies, but mine are either set up to take inserts (which I don't have) or run chisels/ breaker points. If you need literature on the hammer, I may be able to help with that. Feel free to send me an email: pnowak@scotforge.com

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I'll try to get some clearer pictures tonight. Patrick, thanks for your input. The Bradley is a 100 I think (no plates or serial number that I can find). I am just basing that on other pictures on IFI. It is an un-guided helve type. I gotta think it becomes about a 125 hammer when these dies are installed, 'cause they are pretty stout! The hammer came with the original 5 HP motor, and I don't have it running yet, due to single-phase to 3-phase power conversion issues. I think you are right about the dies creating a decent basic set of tongs that could then be modified in a lot of different ways. Should be fun!

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