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I Forge Iron

Ch Ch Ch Changes...

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The reason the yellow color was used is because that is the working color of metal, forging yellow.

Ahhh, the days of everything being entered manually via code.

wow Glenn.

Speaking of memory lane I really miss the "Attach Photo" button that used to be at the top of the pages, it was so simple and uncomplicated to use. click button, browse, select and upload pic. done deal.

I'm not complaining, just saying.

I must really be getting old. <sigh>
Frosty the Lucky.
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Hey now Brian, let's not be starting rumors here. That is NOT the car I drive, just a test to see if the photo thing worked because I have always had trouble puting pics on iforgeiron.
Here's my beauty...

I wouldn't be caught dead in a Pacer, I drive a real man's car, an AMC Gremlin!!!

(really not, no, really)

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