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Sheet Metal Thickness vs Gauge Sizes


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What gauge system? There is a bunch of them and they are all different. (not to mention wire vs plate and the nonferrous systems.)

For example

7 ga = .1838 for United States Standard Gage
.1764 Birmingham Standard
.180 Birmingham Wire
.144285 Brown & Sharpe

(from US Steel Pocket Companion pg 508, 509 "Comparative Table of Standard Gages which compares *8* different "standard" gages...)

In general using decimal inches or mm is the better way to spec metal thickness

Irnsrgn: WHICH gage system did you list---it'd not a good idea to post it without stating which system; liability you know....

As for proper thickness: you want's what is *best* or what's the cheapest that the car folks think they can get away with...


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You may find that a supplier will have 2 different sheets, different paint on the ends, one for 14 and one for 16 ga. and they both will measure .070 with a mike. When questioned, the supplier ( Norfolk ) will just say that they are within tolerance. Quite frustrating when you need different thicknesses to work with.

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