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how do you get pictures on here???

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Hi Irontwister,
There is a thread called "upload photos" under the topic "Feedback and Support" (2nd link down from the front page of forums).

This thread discusses the concepts of size of image and format and also talks about uploading to the 'gallery' but I am not sure if that particular bit is preferred (by the admins) of the new look/style forum engine (which I think is great) - Glenn and the forum admins might clarify.

For attaching pictures to an existing thread where you are just posting a reply, I do the following:

1. Look at the size and format of the picture to make it small enough (to allow speedy download while still being able to see it)

2. After clicking reply and typing my response just simply browse to the picture on my computer using the "Browse" button directly below where you type your response

3. And click on the attach this file button

There are other methods like inserting with HTML tags in the post - but these are a little more complex.

Anyway hope this helps - I am sure Glenn will correct me if I have led you astray.



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What I just discovered after reading Glenns instructions AGAIN (I'd already been doing it that way to no avail! :angry:)

What I discovered is after clicking on the "browse" button to select and open the pic file is I needed to click the "Full Editor" button first. TaDA! it worked!

Follow Glenn's instructions but do it in the Full Editor. ;)

Frosty the Lucky.

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