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I wear a denim apron, but have done a lot of forging without any apron at all. As long as your pants cuffs go over your boots and you're not wearing something with a lot of folds in it, your clothes shouldn't catch on fire from scale too often. :) Harbor Freight sells leather aprons for $10 each, I think.

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The welding supply store will be a good place to start. Also look into chaps and sleeves. I have a welding jacket from their sale table for under $10.

I have two aprons, one leather and one denim. They get about equal use with leather being the choice for forging or welding, and denim for general shop work.
An apron must be worn to be effective, so get one that is comfortable.

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When I do wear an apron it is a welders apron I got off ebay for 18 bucks i think. Word to the wise...pay close attention to the straps....Mine has 2 shoulder straps then a waist buckle in the back. I found that it fits and moves a lot better than a halter top style apron...


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