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Chimeny pipe

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I am about to build a super suck hood from the plan on anvil fire and was wondering what most people are using for the chimney pipe? All I can get is 8" black stove pipe and 10" and 12" galvanized pipe. I have been searching the forum and some people do use galvanize, but would like to get others opinions on what pipe they use. The forge will be used outside, but I do not want to make myself sick.

Thanks for the input

EDIT: Think I found a post that answer my own question

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You can use standard stove pipe and rather than take one piece of pipe and bending and locking it together, take two pieces and lock one into the other, making a much larger pipe.

You can use the insides of an old hot water tank (thank Jerry Carroll for that one) which is about 4-5 feet of not quite 11 ga metal. Be careful when you remove the thin skin and that thin metal can be used for many projects, including a light weight chimney.

A heavy weight chimney can by made from drain pipe like they use for highway drainage. A couple of damaged sections can be straightened or the good sections cut out and welded together.

Many different materials can be used, but like all things, it depends on what is available in your location.

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