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vise grip modification


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this is something that I learned on the job from a lather, you weld a large washer on the screw it makes the clamps work much better you can tighten the clamp without releasing and also loosen it when it is too tight so it doesn't snap back at you when you release. I use a washer that is 2 1/2'' dia on the 11'' clamp and 1 1/2'' on the small clamp. make sure to use a heavy duty washer small ones do not work well, i get left over stuff from the iron workers that do the erection they always have left overs. also what I have noticed is that the older vice grips are better quality than the stuff they are selling now so I look for them at yard sales and flea markets 5 bucks for a large clamp is a good deal





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I am sure you are talking about industrial C clamps, not the $2 variety.

The standard C clamp does NOT self tighten and can slip when a load is applied. The proper tool is clamping grips designed for lifting that tighten as more weight (load) is applied. You should never walk or work under a lift, as equipment can and at some point will fail.

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