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Anyang C41-25 installation

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Hi all. I realise that these questions have probably been asked many times before, so I'm hoping someone can direct me to some archived responses.

I have just purchased an Anyang C41-25 (55 lb) hammer direct from Anyang in China. It has just arrived in the country and I should (after a week of wrestling with customs) be able to pick it up tomorrow. - oh yes....it took about 3 months longer to get than they originally claimed. I only got a result by getting a bit nasty by email. It never seemed to occur to them that giving an honest shipping date would keep me happy rather than always promising "next week" and then having to chase them up every week.

I have heard that there ae some specific modifications (or tweaking) that can be made to the Anyang hammers to improve efficiency and power, but cant find the actual instructions anywhere.

If anyone has this information, and mounting advice for the unit, I would appreciate the advice.

many thanks

PS. I am in Western Australia.

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hi peter john n on here is the uk anyang man and a very helpful knowledgable chap - not sure who the oz one is but there will be plenty on here to help you. im not sure what the tweaking etc might be personally, although i have an anyang mine was second hand and already pretty much run in i guess. congrats on getting hammer finally to your door tho - very exciting!!! will be interested to read any posts you put up about your new hammer:)

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Peter... there are several things that you need to do before you run the hammer.

1. Build a good base. I built mine from plate steel and then fill with concrete. In the future, I am ordering my hammers with factory bases. Building the base right will take some time, if you use concrete. You must let it cure for about 30 days. Make sure that you align the motor right with the hammer pulley. I can send you pictures of the bases that I build for my hammers. I have not built one for a 55 yet (they are getting ready to ship from the factory), but the concept is the same for all bases. send me your email address.

2. Grease all fittings before you run the machine. They are greased at the factory, but I always grease just in case.

3. I use non-detergent oil... they key thing is if you make a mistake use too much oil. Too much won't hurt, not enough is a real problem. Especially during the breakin period, I turn the oiler up to make sure there is plenty of oil.

4. go through the machine and tighen the bolts. Like any machine, I check for bolt tightness once a month or so... better be safe than sorry.

On the delay in delivery... Anyang just moved into a huge new factory. I was visiting the factory this time last year when the factory was under construction. It is a very large facility and impressive, but I am sure that moving all of machinery took a lot of time. I always plan on at least a 4 to 5 month delivery time... that is why I carry inventory of the hammers, dies, and most of the spare parts. Anyang is a huge company and they make a lots of very heavy forging and press equipment. If people are interested, I could post some pictures of the factory tour that I took... fascinating place and good people.

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Thanks for the information. I picked up the hammer a couple of days ago and after some thought and consultation have decided to mount it on a steel box filled with sand, made of 16mm steel plate. It should work out at the same price, without the 30 day delay. Unfortunately I also have to re-wire the shed to handle the power draw.

thanks again.


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