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Making a Hammer


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Hello folks,

I have a chunk of 4130H 2.75" X 5.75" X 3.5". I want to cut this piece into several to make hammers. Now, looking over IFI and in the archive at the bottom, I have not found any mention of dimensions of a billet size to start with. Does anyone have any info they could share on that? I will even take a link to go to. Also the position of the eye would be good too.

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Dennis - First, decide what sizes of hammers you'd like to make. Then you can calculate the volume of the mat'l needed. This way you can figure out actually how many you can get from your piece. You can use the 2.75 and 3.5 dimensions in your calculations to figure the length to cut at. -JK

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Steel is .2833 lb/cu inch, so calculate the volume of steel needed to make said hammer based on the desired weight. The old textbooks I have been reading say to add _up to_ 10% for loss due to scale while working the metal. Different amounts of heating create different amounts of scale.

Now take the desired size of the face and geometry into account and make your billet as close as possible with resorting to heroic efforts. You may want to take the volume and make a dimensioned production drawing of some type.

If simple sawing get you near net shape, with volume easily moved to where you need it, then all the easier to make the object. If you have to upset or draw metal all over the place then you are going to work much harder. I am not saying that you do not want to upset or draw metal, but to think about how you are cutting the metal before it is forged. Moving metal may be easier than some cutting options.

That chunk of stock is about 15 1/2 lbs right now (15.68 lbs) so you probably can get several hammers and tools out of it.

Those directions linked by jimbob seem rather complete.


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