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I Forge Iron

Forge wleding my steel bloom

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It has been more than a century since I have posted here....been lurking mostly :D So, I decided to share my latest work/project. I have been gaining a keen interest in smelting my own steel from iron ore. I have been posting on DonFogg's forums, so have a look and tell me what you think =]

The first link is me making my steel. The second is me making something out of the steel :cool:

My first smelt - Bladesmith's Forum Board

Started work on my bloom - Bladesmith's Forum Board

Feel free to aks any questions. I will, if neccessary, eat my own words :rolleyes:

Any lurking blacksmiths with questions about welding are more than wlecome to chime in. I was having the same issues you were, and help was greatfuly recieved from awsome dudes on this forum.

Cheers dudes!

P.S- Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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My kind of post ! Will give that a try when the weather improves in the spring. Not in the same league but this summer i built a wood fired pizza oven from clay and straw and was impressed with what you can do with this material. Lots of flooding around here at the moment and i was getting my clay from the local river so need to wait till that subsides. Got a nice squirrel type blower fan from an industrial gas fired tube heater which should supply lots of air and my son's just started an apprenticeship as a tree surgeon so need to look at converting free wood offcuts into my own charcoal.
Best of luck with the project.

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ime inpressed with how well your forge works with something so simple almost crude....and the back patio shop is inpressive ! it just goes to show that you dont have to have all the fancy tools to do good work! i didnt see what you were useing for ore to smelt into bloom but it looks like you have got the right idea ! have fun!

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