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Help with hold down tool


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That seems too far from a good fit, you need a fairly close fit for the spring clamping action to grab.

I am using a motorcycle type (like a bicycle chain but heavier) drive chain hooked to a staple on the far side of my anvil stand (stump). I just lay it over the anvil and lift it with my hammer as I slide the hot work under it. The weight of the chain has been all that I need to secure my work but some guys put a board on it to use as a foot pedal for a tighter hold. IMO it is hard to beat this system... it works REALLY well for me!

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Fold the 12 mm stock over and weld to itself making it 12 x 24mm. Then hammer it down to 17mm round to fit the hardie hole. Put the new larger size stock into the prichel hole and make (bend) the hold down to your specifications.

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