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Stainless steel forge welding,

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Though I've never tried it myself, I have seen it done and know there a good many bladesmiths that do. Your temps must be very precise and in the upper ranges of the forgewelding temp, and you must remember that due to the chrome content in the steel, it air hardens below a certain temp, so all forgewelding, and all subsequent forging must be at much higher temps. Most makers of stainless damascus have programable heattreating ovens for the items they produce. Wes

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One way depending up on how much material is used is to wrap it in stainless foil to keep the oxygen out or go the canned route. Use a piece of square tubing ,weld a cap on one end, fill your material , weld cap on other end and heat and weld. Cut outside material off after weld and work from there.

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