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Forged hooks

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Im still stuck on tfhe first few chapters of Verhoevens paper so am not even gong to attempt to chip in on the grain subject ;)

John, nice looking hooks - I used to work in a big open die shop where they used a 30cwt clear space to forge the big hooks & shackles ( some of the shackles 1ton plus weight for offshore work), they used to secure one end to a big steel table concreted into the floor, chain the other end to the back of a (very big) tractor and then drive it off down the forge to start the bend.

Very nice setup where 6 blokes all knew exactly what to do (wedges, sledges and chains!) without taking, it was so dang noisy.

Mooneys (glen, Australia) has done some big hooks, might be worth comparing notes if you get any more to do!

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I do not completely understand the theory behind grain flow but I do know that a lot of critical parts such as lifting devices and turbine parts must be forged because of the grain flow.
Thanks for the information on the way you guys made these Phil. I do wonder if forging them in a ball swage then flattening the ball does not make the grain flow around the outside of the resulting lollipop shape I am not sure. I do think I underquoted these although it may have just been I took too long to make them.
If I make them the same way again I have to get a new enerpac type cylinder and a power pump rather than the hand pump. The pump and cylinder I used were from Princess Auto (similar to harbour freight) just as I finished the bending of the second hook the pump seized up, so I returned it.
I had to do some grinding on these to radius corners, and remove some extra material on the outside on the open end, I also had to grind a little to make sure there was no scale on the outside before I took them in for MPI. This left a finish that had shiny sections and then dark spots especially on the shank which had been swaged but not ground much, however it will be getting machined. I kind of wish I had taken it to get shotblasted to give it a uniform finish even though I had not budgeted for that. The receiver at the machine shop said oh are these used? How do those of you that do industrial work finish your work. I have been in machine shops and seen forgings that are covered in heavy flaking scale in there to be machined. I often wire wheel things before delivery but it often takes a lot of time.

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Nice job John. Sure be nice if you had a rotary table bender. Wish you were close to me, I got a Peddinghaus rotary bender. Does 2-1/4 re-bar cold. Just looking for a home. Be a struggle doing that on a Hossfeld, most I remember doing was 2" 4140 shackles. Backbreaker. Hydraulic Hossfeld might do it.

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Thanks Grant. I have been thinking about a bender myself. I am going to check out an Auction next week where there is a Ineco rotary draw bender that will bend 1.5" round bar cold. It does not look as easy to tool up as the Peddinghaus.

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