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tig welding or mig welding

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On this topic, you will get many opinions.

Personally I prefer TIG when welding overlapping patches and butt weld patches with minimal gaps, but if there are many finger sized gaps (i.e. when repairing hand cut Oxygen/Acetylene holes) I prefer flux core MIG. As I don't do this for a business, I rarely have to worry about welding in the wind or foul weather, and a TIG with a gas lens has worked good for me even in a mild breeze and in the summer with a fan. To me one of the best advantages of TIG over MIG is that you can use less heat to weld the same metal, while not ideal for most situations it works when needed. Then there is also the fact that TIG produces almost no sparks and no splatter when working correctly.

Rich C.

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Tig is very good if you are looking for a clean weld with clean metal and little distortion. but its an expensive process to do eg the consumables. It is a longer process to learn and master.
Mig welding is a faster process and some would say a semi skilled process but for genral welding it is great for joining steel ali and stainless.
But both have their merits and pitfalls.
all the best john

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