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Mounting New Anvil?

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I plan to attach my new 70lb anvil to an 80lb+/- piece of mild steel by drilling and tapping the plate and using straps across the anvil feet. Would I gain any advantage by using JB weld between the plate and the anvil?
The anvil stand will be made of 12"X12" MDF stacked and held together with two 1/2" all thread rods running vertically through the pieces. The thought is to be able to adjust the height by adding or removing pieces.

Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I would forget the JB weld idea as it would mess up the bottom of your anvil for any future use. That stuff is difficult to remove.

Place a piece of wood between your anvil and your stand, as little as 1/4" will do, but 1/2" or 3/4" is better. This will cushion the metal to metal contact and provide some height adjustment.

Putting a 70 pound (35 kilo) anvil on a 12x12x4" steel plate that weighs 160 pounds or (74 kilos) will not add that weight and make it a 230 pound anvil. If that were true, you could place it on the ground and have an anvil effectively weighing the weight of the world plus 70 pounds.

A good stable anvil stand will improve the function of the anvil by being more stable. A better anvil stand will adjust in some fashion to different working heights.

Look at the anvils in the gallery > tools > anvils. There are some clever ways to mount anvils shown that may give you some ideas on how to mount your anvil.

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