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I Forge Iron

Place to smith near Hillsborough or Raleigh/Durham, NC ???

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Hello all,

I havent posted in a while but I've sill been keeping up with this hobby of mine. I may be spending alot of time in North Carolina in the Hillsborough and Raleigh/Durahm area over the next serveral months.

I'm looking for a place where i can use a forge and anvil and do some forging just to keep my practice up. Of course I would pay for materials used and etc... I found the John C Folk school in NC but it is too far from where I'll be.

Does anyone know of anything in this area?


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Hey all,
I live in the raleigh durham area. lots of places to bang iron. currently the state fair just started up and the blacksmith shop is in "full swing":D (hey, it fit)
great place to meet local smiths on a short time schedule.

on another note. the "jimmy alexander" mentioned above is the state president (cool deal) but is currently in the hospital with bacterial menengitis. lots of prayers needed there

paul (I will be working in the shop next week for a few days as well)

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