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lining a forge

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The picture below is a box-style forge I made for my Norse reenactment group. It runns on charcoal and is a side-blast. I want to cover over the firebrick and line the inside of the firepot - raise the floor of the pot by 1 - 1.5 inches. What kind of refractory cement would work best? I want something durable that won't crack or flake off. Any suggestions?

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Hmmm ... seems like I still can't load thumbnails. The forge is a simple plank box that is lined with 2 layers of soft firebrick. The firebox is 12"x12"x4" deep. Hope that helps.

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I hope that hopping in here is permissible, my question and situation is similar to Mike's. I've a small round forge w/Champion blower, 20 inches in diameter with what appears to be a consistent thickness of about one-half inch; no "fire pot" if I understand the term correctly. It is stamped with the clay before using instruction. I'm figuring I need to clay it to be on the safe side; at a half-inch thick would y'all concur?

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