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I Forge Iron

Getting things started.

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Got the forge fired up and made a rake and started a pair of tongs. The forge works great, got it up to a high yellow heat in short order. I'm using a little 5 gallon shop vac ($20) with a store bought dimmer switch. I have very good air blast control. From nothing to a raging inferno. I still need to draw out the rein on the one side of the tongs and work the other side still. But, I'm making progress. I will be using coal from now on though. This forge eats charcoal like you wouldn't, or maybe you would, believe.








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Thanks Thomas, I did figure that out at the end of the session, but by then it was too late. I will be using coal from now on.

Grant, I still need to make the other half and also draw out the reins on the one I took a pic of. I spent way more time on the rake than I did the one side of the tongs. Still have a long way to go ..but... it is a good beginning.

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Ok, here's an update. I got the one side of the tongs done and am working on the other. I switched over to coal. What a difference. All the study I did on coal use really paid off. I was able to make a nice fire quickly and got the steel up to heat in a hurry. Almost melted some of it. So all in all a good day.

Not letting me upload pics. Will try again later.

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I made some pics of what I had done and wanted to post them. Rasser Frasser thing wouldn't let me. I know I wont come close to making them exactly the same. But, if I can get them looking close enough and they work, I won't care.

Yippy, it worked. :)

Rats, it didn't work :(

Darn drat and rasser frasser. Still won't let me upload pics.

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