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What kind of forge is good for swordsmithing?


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I am very new to blacksmithing of any kind, but I want to start with sword smithing. I have been doing some research about forges and blacksmithing (and am still researching) so I am getting a basic idea about building a forge but I am not sure if the rig I am looking at is the right kind for what I am wanting to do. If anyone can help I would be greatful. Also if anyone wants to know what I am looking at here is the link.

How To Build Your Own Forge

It was one of the first ones I looked into before I found this site.

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That MEN article is way overkill I'd suggest you build a more portable variety unless you *know* you are going to be in the same place for life!

Remember that when working on a sword you only need to heat as much as you can hammer before it gets cold. Heating any more than that is doing damage to the material---scale losses, decarburization and grain growth for example. So even making a large sword you don't need that big a forge.

The only time you do need a sword length forge is during heat treat and a simple trench forge dug in the back yard can do for that.

Remember you will probably want to work on knives for a while before going to swords so start out building a knife forge.

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