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Talon Tex Overland

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interesting technical challenge. I made one earlier this year, just for the excercise :cool:

the blade is about 4" long and it was all done with hammers/chisels. I used files to tidy up the ring and the blade back, that is all. forging the bevels inside a circle was interesting


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.what do you know about them, what do you think.

Since "form follows function", it appears to me that the knives are designed for use in a circular motion. The severe curve and dropped point prevent it from being practical for a stabbing motion, and the lack of any sharpness on the upper edge prevent a slashing motion in that direction. Additionally, its short length and lack of mass prevents it from being used as a bone-breaker. If you want a fighting knife, I suggest a Bowie or other 9 inch blade.

If I am not mistaken, I have seen blades curved like that for use in sail boats on rigging. :D
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originally they were agricultural tools, like a small sickle. The idea being that you put your little finger through the ring and you can let go of the handle to use both hands without putting the knife down. Then simply flick it back into your hand and carry on :)

Then it became a stylized martial arts form in the Philipines (where it originates). I had a demo of how they work recently and it was REALLY scary!

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Ok what about balisong (A.K.A. butterfly knife), has anyone here ever made one. and how would you go about making the handles, the blade is easy enough, but how would you make the grooves in the handle.

Also if any of you have ever seen an indonesian Kris knife, a deal i read said they laminate regular steel, with nickle steel, then dip it in an arsenous acid/lime juice mix to blacken the steel and make the nickle really shiny has any ever tried this? And how would you get it to curve like that?

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Found this one in a street market in Seoul. I like some of the detail, a little chisel work, nice scroll end, look at the split handle. Probably agricultural. Yes, the ring is forge welded! Saw a guy welding small rings like that in Korea. He held it with one tong, got a welding heat and reached in with a special little tong and just squeezed it to make the weld.

These are hi-res, so you should be able to zoom in.





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