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Hello from NW Pennsylvania

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The website told me that now would be a good time to introduce myself, so I will:

I'm Joe. I live in the Great Lakes Region of Pennsylvania. Been interested in smithing for a LONG time, but only started getting things together a few years ago. Life got in the way for a while and smithing was moved to the back burner, but now I'm getting back into it. Soon to get a permanent shop set-up at the folks' house so hopefully I can get more done.

Mostly into bladesmithing, but I'm definitely still interested in all aspects of smithing in general.

I've really been hoping to find another smith in my area to trade ideas with and to just bounce ideas off, but haven't found one as yet.

Anyway, good to be here and thanks,


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Hello and welcome to the forum. Being in Erie probably puts you in the middle of several groups which you could attend in Pa. OH. and N.Y. I don't believe any of the A.B.A.N.A. affiliates have any sort of residency restrictions. I live in N.Y. south of Rochester on the eastern end of the finger lakes.I too am new to smithing after decades of interest. I am joining the Genesee chapter of the New York State Designer Blacksmiths which meets near me but I will also likely attend the Niagara region meetings as I am in the Buffalo area just about every week anyway and have family there. The Niagara region meets at the Amherst museum (google Amherst museum and you can see a picture of their blacksmith shop) and this would be real easy for you to get to on the I-90 from Erie; Maybe two hour drive but worth it. Check out the affiliate links on the A.B.A.N.A. website for contact information, you can join an affiliate without joining A.B.A.N.A. Good luck and keep on hammerin'. Dan O'Hare

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More of what Ferrous says, Western Reserve in Ohio, Pittsburgh group: Pittsburgh Area Artist-Blacksmiths Association Homepage , there is also a group out of Oil City, as well as the Niagara group of New York Designer Blacksmiths. Most, not Oil City, can be found on the ABANA affiliates list. Eventually you should have an ABANA chapter in Erie. Until then, if you are willing to drive 2 -3 hours, you will be able to go to some really good meetings/hammer ins/ demonstrations.

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