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Good morning all.
New to the forum, which I am really enjoying...lots of great stuff here.
I was active as a smith (VERY amateur backyard type) for a few years, but then the pressure of kids, g'kids, job, new business, etc hit, and when the snow collapsed the roof of my smithy, it all got put aside for awhile. I am glad to say the bug has bit again! We are in the process of relocating from the far north end of KY closer to Lexington, where I got a "real" job after shutting down the private busines just ahead of the bank..:D. The only real requirement I insist on for the new digs is room for a new home for all teh old stuff now stored under the garage! Got my early and only fromal training in weekend sessions with Mike Rose when he was teaching classes as the master smith at Dollywood. Wife and I plan to be at SOFA Quad States this weekend, and maybe will see some of you there! :)

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Welcome aboard Mtn Man, glad to have you.

Stored UNDER the garage sounds like it's out of the sun but. . . Roof collapses are bad things, glad it wasn't over the kid's room.

Enjoy the gang, gallery, lessons, blueprints, etc. etc. available here. Lots of help no matter what your level.


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