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steel formula


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First I suggest going to the control panel (CP) and indicating your approximate location so that people can tailor answers to your location.

Second, I would suggest attending a bloom at a blacksmith group's activity before trying your own bloomery.

Third, I would recommend trying to make wrought iron as your first project. Experimenting with the unknown can be dangerous.

Fourth, silica, sulfur and other stuff are considered impurities, I don't think that you are likely to want to deliberately add them.

Mileage may vary,
Dave E.

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... that will make it extremely sharp and brittle, and to avoid it, I need to put impurities to the iron like silica, sulfur, and other things.

Wrong way round. Silica (silicone dioxide) is what's in 'wrought' iron (the material rather than the style) and gives it that characteristic 'woodgrain' effect. Unfortunately it's also what gives it its characteristic propensity for splitting and piping. Sulfur makes iron and steel 'short' (want to crumble).

What I want to know is if I can use Tungsten oxide with the iron oxide to make stronger steel, and in which concentration?

What do you mean by 'stronger'? Abrasion resistance, able to hold an edge (as in a blade), tensile strength... most of these can be dealt with usign plain medium-to-high carbon steel carrectly heat-treated. High-alloy steels can be 'nice' but I can't think of any applications for which they are essential to the beginning blacksmith.
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