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Laycock Hyd Press


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Hi all,

I really do hope someone can help me out here....we have a LAYCOCK 60-ton Hydraulic Press and I am desperately trying to find a copy of the Maintenance & Service Instructions.

lathes.co.uk do sell one but they are off now until the 17th Sept 09.....

Does anyone have a copy or can point me in the direction of a copy.



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Hi Sharon, whats the problem, they are simple and pretty straight forward, I served my apprenticeship at Laycocks in Sheffield back in the sixties, so this stirred some memories. Basically it was supplied to the motor industry/garages for pressing in or removing bearings, straightening shafts etc. plus many other diverse uses where controlled pressure is required

Must have made them well 'cos they and other items made by Hardypick still survive in good working condition today.

The only thing likely to need servicing is the hydraulic fluid and seals, they sometimes suffer if they have been abused, (Having said that that takes some doing)

Good luck with it.

Wherabouts are you located?

As a matter of interest, The climbing equipment required for the first succesful ascent of Mount Everest was hand forged at the Hardypick works.

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Hi John,

Im from Preston in Lancashire.

What I need to set up is a simple maintenance document, to check to ensure that the press is in good working order.

I then need to set up some sort of operating procedure, again a simple step by step document on how to operate the machine.

Im not familiar with this equipment so this is why I was looking for the manufacturers manual. That would provide me with the info Im looking for.

Could you possibly help me out with something?

Thanks again


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Hi Sharon, Can you post or send me a picture to refresh my aging memory as there were a couple of types and variations

Laycocks at that time was part of the Birfield group which was then later absorbed into the GKN empire. The factory making them was originally at Archer Road, and then went to Campo Lane where all the garage machinery type products were made and assembled, car hoists, wheel tracking systems, dynamometers, wheel balancing machines to name but a few.

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hi sharron, we still use this type of press at my work, but where you have the enerpack unit fitted we have a rack and pinion press fitted. the oppisote end has a hand wheel which raises and lowers the table. ours has a two speed ram and is hand operated although i have been threatening to put a motor on it for the last 33 years ! i will see if i can find any info on it but am doubtfull.

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