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I Forge Iron

North to Alaska!!

K. Bryan Morgan

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Finally got a moment to post about the move. I was able to hang with Frosty for a little bit a week ago Saturday. It was great fun. Saw the goats the great big, and I mean great big dog. Very friendly though. Also was able to meet a couple of other smiths from the area, Trenton, we went out to breakfast, that was lots of good conversation. And also met with Richard and had a nice long talk with him and his very talented wife, and was able to receive a couple of rail anvils from him. All in all it was a fantastic welcome to the state.

I'm currently looking for materials for a forge, will have that done this week sometime and of course I will post pics for everyone to look at. Probably will do a break drum forge. Also I am looking for fellow smiths in the Fairbanks/North Pole area to network, hammer with, learn from. I know there are some very talented smiths in the vicinity. I would like to thank everyone here again for the very warm welcome. Hope to be hammering with you soon. :D

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It was a real pleasure getting to meet Bryan even if it was all too brief a visit. I'd planned on firing up the forge and doing a little hammering but as Murphy would have it I ran out of propane literally minutes before their expected arrival.

We did spend time talking about tools, techniques and such but I missed out on a perfect excuse to skip chores and play with fire. Fortunately they are planning a return to Anchorage before long and Bryan will hopefully have time and I will make sure the propane it topped up.

Welcome to the Great Land Bryan.


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Thanks again Frosty, that was a great time, even if we didn't have a chance to beat metal. And, we will be down that way before to long. Renee has to get her certification test taken care of soon. I will call when we get the date set so we can plan a day of forging, chatting, and general mayhem. :D I have my tools now, just got a break drum to make a forge with and am looking for pipe now. May go with exhaust pipe if I can't find black iron. Which seems likely. I found a good source for coal here locally and even found a guy who sells blacksmithing supplies. So, the hunt goes on. The shed is almost ready too. Will post pics when I get it all set up.

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