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I Forge Iron

materials for my forge?

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CLAY, USE 100% clay kitty litter it's pretty cheap.
STEEL' construction sites have scrap rebar just ask the foreman.
Scrap yards have all kinds of steel ,coil springs,leaf springs ,tie rods ,etc...;
some you can haggle on the price but be careful they are busy.
I hope this helps.

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Go to the website of Louisiana Metalsmiths Assoc. (LAMA) lametalsmiths.org,
join and get involved. We have a very active group and several smiths in and around Lafayette who would be glad to help you get started. A good grade smithing coal can be purchased from a smith in Covington, LA for $35/100lb, someone local may have some to sell you to get started. Scrap steel is readily available from the many fab and machine shops in the area - your in the middle of oilfiled service country here. Good luck.
David Bernard

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