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I Forge Iron

Would you like to see my etchings?


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Here is my dilema: The story... I had some dull hack saw blades hanging around, so... I stacked and welded them, folded in 1/3 s and welded again, repeat 4 times. I then forged out to shape, and filed ground polished hardened and tempered, and re-polished again. Degreased after polish. Ok so far, I used ferric chloride for the r shack, straight for the jug, applied for about 30 seconds, scrubbed off the black oxide, then re applied, about 5 times, the rinsed and applied baking soda to neutralize the ferric chloride.

The issue: the pattern comes out beautifully when the etchant is on, but after rinsing and drying, it seems to "fade". Am I dong something wrong? or is it the homogenous steel to blame. The pattern is still visible with oblique light, but I was hoping for something a little more..."dramatic"

And I will try some pics... after I find my camera .. again.. but II don't think the pattern will will come in pics.


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Straight from the jug is too strong you want to get a differential etch where some stuff etches and others do not try a 1:3 or 4 dilution and let it sit a longer time.

Also different alloys like different etches, you may want to try with different acids to see what gives you the best definition.

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Thanks, I'll try it, and report back. I looked at some of the processes, and they suggested a 2:1 to 4:1 dilution, but I wasn't sure what strength I got, so was unsure if I should.

I am very excited about this project, and would like to bring my vision and reality together.

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