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new to forum and my first knife


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Hello to all. I just joined the forum last night really like what I see and hear.
I started blacksmithing about 6 months ago. Do it in my spare time. Here is a photo of my first knife project. A 19 in bowie knife made from a 65 mustang leaf spring. The handle is made from an old hedge fence post. The guard and end cap are made from scrap bronze bearings.

what do you think


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Wow! First knife project. My first (what?) twenty first knives never made it to finished form. Nice job and welcome to the boards. That's a nice one laying beside the anvil in the pic too. Let us see it when you're done.
Also, I love Mustangs. I think that would be an appropriate name for that beast.

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the one next to it on the stump is a knife I am making for a friend. I am making to match a tattoo that both he and his son have on their forarms. He helped me get going buy giving me a 167 lb peter wright anvil. He is a great friend I have already made him a tomahawk pics are on the tomahawk and spear forum

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