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Aspery style tooling

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Recently in a course I took with Mark Aspery, he showed a different way of making chisels and tooling for faces etc. As it was The Alabama Forge Council who, through their at large scholarship, put me into the position of taking the class, and as one of their prerequisites is to make something for the group from what you learned in class, I thought a couple chisels would be a nice payback. I started with a bar of 4140 I bought from Gerald at the Touchstone school, then after cutting to size, between 6-7 inches, your choice, I forged the ends into an octagonal shape, this shows the forging, then indexed them over the horn, for grip, then drew them out, hot rasped them, and finally finished the business ends into an eye socket and eyeball chisel. The last pic shows a can of wd-40, some wax and a scratching stone, these are what I finished the chisels with. The chisels are the type we made in class for the wizard head bottle openers. I am most happy to be sending these to ALabama, those guys are great!!

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