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Forge name & touchmark design - would welcome input.


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Hi all
So although I don't consider myself a proper blacksmith (still lots to learn, skills to master, etc), I don't think it can hurt to have a name & maybe a touchmark to help with marketing for if/when I do get to do this more full time.

I have 2 ideas for a name:

Rivermead Forge: We used to live at Rivermead Cottages in the U.K. & still miss it, it was a beautiful spot. I like the name as it seems to project a folksy, crafty image.

Fivesquared Forge: The no. 5 is important to my wife & I. So squaring it makes it even more so. The odd name may get people asking why, which would get the conversation going & hopefully lead to a sale.

Rivermead forge would be a fairly complex stamp. Here's the rough design so far - a river leading from the letter R, and the letter F formed from a hammer and tongs. It's rough!

Fivesquared would have 2 touchmarks. Qty. 5 of the number 5 arranged in a circle, and 5

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hi there ratel - i like both ideas but i reckon maybe the five one more becasue its very unusual and personal - which like you say is a good talking point. the rivermead idea is very nice but you risk being confused with other folksy sounding forges? The 5squared name is definately not what youd expect a forge to be called, which could be a refreshing change..:)

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